Our roots run deep in Las Vegas. We were founded in 1955, and since then we’ve grown to the foremost exhaust cleaning, maintenance and repair service company in the Valley. As a licensed mechanical contractor we have knowledge and experience to perform specialized UV hood system repair and maintenance, complete refrigeration repair and maintenance service, as well as service for air conditioning and custom sheet metal fabrication.

It didn’t happen by accident. Western Commercial Services is a local Las Vegas family-owned business that takes pride in our work and pride in our community. On the job the focus is on safety and thoroughness. Off the job the focus is on making this city a better place to live for us all. We all live, work and play in the great city of Las Vegas. We are true locals and we have stayed focused on our great city as the core of our business. Western Commercial Services has stayed true to our roots and focused on the community we have helped to build and that the world comes to see.

Our full range of services include: complete kitchen exhaust system cleaning, rooftop grease protection systems, UV and electrostatic precipitator maintenance, fire suppression, consultation in new system design, custom metal works, and complete repair services for walk-in coolers and freezers, ice machines, prep tables, air conditioning, and beyond.

Our mission is simple: To be the leading provider of the custom restaurant services we provide for restaurants, hotels, and casinos both large and small throughout the Las Vegas Valley. And that’s a mission we stay true to on every job, every day.

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We’ve been a part of this community since 1955. We’ve seen a lot of changes for the better – and we’re proud to say we have been a part of them.

Western Commercial is about more than providing great service to our clients. We also focus on providing a great place to work – and on doing our part to make the Las Vegas Valley a great place to live.

We’re proud to do work free of charge or at reduced rates for the Salvation Army and Ronald McDonald House, so those worthy organizations can spend more of their resources on doing good for the community. It’s also our privilege to count the Las Vegas Rescue Mission and many area churches, synagogues, and charitable organizations among our clients.

If there’s one thing we like better than a job well done, it’s a community well served. So whether we’re off the clock or on, we’re proud to make Las Vegas a better place for all of us.



1955 was a classic year for Las Vegas. Though most of the landmarks of that heyday are long gone, one still remains: Western Commercial Services.

Founded by partners who focused on fire prevention and safety, the company originally provided fire suppression to grease exhaust systems as far away as Texas and Colorado. As Las Vegas burgeoned into a full-blown metropolis, the business grew by leaps and bounds too.

In 1987, the partners invited their sons to join the company, and the business evolved into two separate entities so the partners could focus on the part of the industry they knew best. With a unique specialty in grease exhaust system cleaning, Western Commercial Services was born.

In 1992, Jeffrey (Jeff) Morris took over the reins of the company from his father, Ben. Jeff had grown up in the business, and had earned degrees from both University of Dallas and Carnegie Mellon University. He was a successful businessperson in his own right. With his unique firsthand knowledge of kitchen appliance and system maintenance (he had worked with the company from the bottom up) he is an authority on all aspects of the business, both in the field and our office. Currently he serves on the ANSI/IKECA development committee.

Western Commercial’s experience is as unique as the city it calls home. Think of all the unique environments on the Las Vegas Strip – including pyramids, replica cities, and more – and you can see the one-of-a-kind challenges we’ve met with expertise and excellence.

Over our history, we’ve set a standard for dedication and commitment unparalleled in Las Vegas — and even the industry. Our company is uniquely honored to have had Jeff Morris serve as the Treasurer, Vice President and President of IKECA. He currently sits on the board of ANSI.

With this foundation of excellence in place, in 1998 we expanded our scope of services by procuring our C-21 contractor’s license and training our staff on exhaust repair services. This effectively made us a one-stop-shop for all of our clients’ maintenance, design, repair and fabrication needs.

After years of requests from clients to be the only kitchen services provider they use, Jeff made the commitment to obtain a C-41 license for the company. With a team of licensed technicians behind them, Western Commercial is now able to offer a full range of fire extinguisher services as well. Our status as a ProTex dealer allows us to perform every aspect of the hood suppression from new design and installation to required maintenance services.

Our clients trust Western Commercial Services for our honesty, integrity, and professional service delivery, and as such our clients call us first for all equipment repairs. No matter if you need an ice machine repair or a mixer fixer, no equipment is beyond the scope of our experienced team of technicians. We always determine the cause of your equipment failure rather than just treat the symptoms so our clients never have to worry about fixing the same thing twice.

As the industry has changed, we’ve evolved along with it. Being a licensed mechanical contractor, we are in a unique position to service pollution control units including UV and electrostatic systems as well as perform more simple repairs like motor replacements or exhaust fan upgrades. We continue to invest in new technologies and ongoing training and education for our technicians. Further, we continue to lead the industry in guaranteeing a 100% drug-free technical team – backed up with literally years of records that prove our strict adherence to this standard.

Of course, Las Vegas is a truly dynamic city. But like any Las Vegas native, our company continues to evolve along with it. Should we earn your business, we look forward to growing along with you too.