Why Western Commercial?

The Western Commercial Services team is a true Las Vegas company, founded in 1955 here in Las Vegas and continuing to provide a unique set of services to our fabulous City. From the iconic Resorts of Las Vegas Boulevard to the historic family owned and operated restaurants that have been Las Vegas traditions, we are honored to serve the best kitchens in Las Vegas.

We understand that in your role with a Las Vegas business, you have made many significant investments to ensure your business is successful. At Western Commercial Services we believe the best way to protect your investment is through proper maintenance of your facility. Western Commercial Services provides customized maintenance programs to ensure your equipment is kept in top operating condition. As a Nevada State Contractor, Western Commercial Services offers a unique scope of services to keep your kitchen systems in top operating condition.

Consider this: You’ve invested time, money, and energy into researching and implementing the finest in equipment and technologies in your kitchen. With consistent professional maintenance and cleaning, you will lengthen the lifespan of your appliances and control your costs. Simply put – every dollar you invest in maintaining your kitchen now will save you money later on. To avoid major repair costs later, NOW is the time to make a wise investment in a custom-designed maintenance program from Western Commercial Services.

Our clients have selected Western Commercial Services because of our commitment to service excellence. Our entire team is right here in Las Vegas and available when you need us. We make an ongoing investment in our team to ensure we have the best trained, best equipped, and best cared for team in Las Vegas.

We welcome you to Western Commercial Services.