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UV Hoods and Air Cleaning Las Vegas

UV Hoods & Air Cleaning

Air quality is more important than ever. More and more restaurants are investing in ultraviolet and electrostatic technologies to prevent grease and odors from entering the environment or releasing unpleasant smells. These high technology systems require the skill and expertise of factory certified contractors. At Western Commercial Services we’ve developed industry-leading maintenance and service plans that keeps them operating at full capacity. We follow all manufacturer guidelines and make further recommendations customized to your kitchen.

Exhaust Cleaning

Reducing the risk of fire in your kitchen is our number one priority. Proper kitchen exhaust cleaning services provide cleaning for the kitchen hood, the internal areas of the connecting ductwork, the exhaust fan, any related components, and immediate roof area. Our licensed technicians are on site during the entire process to ensure the highest quality results…each and every time.

With access to our online customer portal, you will be able to see before and after photos, recommendations to prevent future breakdowns or service disruptions, and documented inspection records from all cleanings at your facility.

When you hire Western Commercial Services we always exceed the standards. We clean the entire kitchen exhaust system – Hoods, Ducts, and Fans – to meet Nevada State Fire Marshal Codes, Local jurisdictional codes, IFC codes, NFPA 96 codes, and the International Fire Code recognized required standard for cleaning – the IKECA ANSI C10 Standard.

Exhaust Cleaning Las Vegas
HVAC and Refrigeration Las Vegas

HVAC & Refrigeration

The Mojave Desert is one of the most extreme climates in the world. No matter the time of year, temperature is critical to food safety and to guest comfort.

From on-call repairs to maintenance plans covering your entire facility, we are able to provide a custom service that fits your budget and schedule. Each repair or maintenance work order is fully photo documented and cataloged in our online portal allowing you convenient access to the service history of your entire facility.

We repair and maintain: Mini-split systems, Split Systems, Package Units, Heat Pumps, Reach-In Coolers, Walk-Ins, Rack Systems, Evaporative (Swamp) Coolers

Kitchen Equipment Repair

Our repair services continue beyond refrigeration. Western Commercial Services is the leader in handling all of your kitchen repair needs. With technicians available 24 hours per day, you can count on Western Commercial Service to keep you cooking.

We repair and maintain: Stoves & Ranges, Ovens, Grills, Flat Tops, Steamers, Kettles, Fryers, Food Warmers

As the factory certified Rational Service Partner in Las Vegas, we install and stock more parts for these high performance ovens than any other local provider. When you need your equipment working, Western Commercial Services is the clear choice for Las Vegas’ busiest kitchens.

Kitchen Equipment Repair Commmercial Oven
Fire Suppression Services Vegas

Fire Suppression Services

We design, install, and service all brands of kitchen fire suppression systems. Any brand, any size. Previously installed or newly designed! For our clients, we have invested our resources in education, training, and warehousing the right tools and supplies to keep your business safe. Partner with us, and you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your kitchen is protected by an experienced team that adheres to only the most elevated safety benchmarks.

Sheet Metal

Our sheet metal division is dedicated to one thing, and one thing only: craftsmanship. That’s why we offer an exclusive “Guaranteed to Fit” policy: if we measure the job, we guarantee it will fit. No other custom sheet metal shop will make you a promise like that. Our work is completed efficiently, and it meets the most stringent SMACNA standards of craftsmanship. We use the highest-quality metal, and we are adept at creating sturdy, well-made transitions between legacy ductwork and new materials.

We specialize in: custom sheet metal fabrication, Grease Exhaust Duct, Air Conditioning Change Out Transitions, A/C Stands, Plenum Drops, Custom AC Curbs, Fabricate Design DuctWork, Commercial AC Change Outs, Down Shot Applications, Welding, Commercial Metal Air Ducts built to plan and SMACNA standards, Custom Exhaust Fan Hinge Kits Evaporative Cooler Setups, Shearing and General Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal Services Vegas
Western Commercial Cleaning Services Products

Products We Offer

Proper maintenance includes using manufacturer approved products to keep your systems running properly. This Earth Friendly multi purpose cleaner aids cleaning and degreasing kitchen exhaust systems and filters without damaging sensitive detergent pumping components. Our team is ready to deliver 1, 5, or 55 gallon quantities directly to your facility. We even offer refill services to ensure your water wash hood is always clean and ready for use.

Today’s kitchen exhaust systems use a variety of filtrations products to remove grease, smoke, and odors from the air stream. In the right combinations, these filters will purify the air leaving your kitchen making it more pleasant for those around your restaurant.
We provide sales and filter exchange services for: Baffle filters, Pleated Pre-Filters, Bag Style Filters, Box or HEPA Filters, Loose or Bonded Charcoal Filters, Mesh Particulate Separators, Electrostatic Cell Filters

High intensity cooking operations provide challenges not only in the kitchen, but on the roof. Grease is pulled to the roof by the exhaust fan and can leak or solidify causing dangerous conditions or damage to the roof itself.
With the proper grease containment system in place, Western Commercial Services will protect your building from unnecessary damage, potential regulatory fines, and storm drain pollution

Found virtually everywhere, these extinguishers are easily identified by their bright red color. Designed to handle general hazards, Western Commercial Services sells and services all sizes of extinguishers.
Designed to fight the toughest grease fires, these extinguishers are located in kitchens throughout the world to combat fires in fryers and solid fuel cooking applications.